So I took the Soul to my mechanic yesterday to get the oil changed and the front suspension looked over because of strange wear. In the course of the transaction he reveals that he has a bias against Ford and is not sad Bullmobile will no longer darken his bay doors, but he looks at me and goes, “Hey, you’ve got both you nipples pierced?”

I do in fact have both my nipples pierced and they’re pretty prominent on any given day so I’m a bit confused as to why he’s just noticing. So we get to chatting about piercings and what not and I tell him the getting my nipples pierced was one of the most painful things I ever have done.

My mechanics goes, “Really? Do you have any tattoos?” I do in fact have tattoos and one is almost always visible. He thinks that his tattoos, of which there are many were more painful than his nipple.

So I say to him, “Well, maybe my nipples are just more sensitive than yours?” as that sank in I then said, “Well, that’s something I never thought I’d say to my mechanic.”