First impressions?

Worst color ever. Who Ok’d this color? It should be called “sad gray”.

I know why sedans are dying - this thing is massive, but its a pain to get in and out of the back seat and there isn’t much leg room. the rear door is 100 feet long and the roofline is so low you have to hunch down to avoid hitting your head (and im short).

The red interior looks nice, but smells like non-premium leather. I.e. smells like the same as my father in law’s 10+ year old Azera. I like the interior layout though. I like the functional wheel vents (but the fake hood vents are a cheesy touch I would HATE staring at each time I drove it).

Stereotype confirmed - has Pilot Sport Summer tires but it’s “great in the snow because its awd”. Sigh.