This is an American-market Scania 112M T. While Scania is one of the biggest, and most iconic truck manufacturers in Europe, you’d be very hard pressed to find an American-market one, but they do exist!


They were only ever sold in the Northeastern US as far as I can tell, supposedly because of the types of loads in the Northeast which were better suited to European-style trucks.

The T wasn’t the only bodystyle, you could also have a cabover. Scania’s days in North America were ended in the late 80s/early 90s as far as I can tell, and they haven’t been back since. Although, with the success of their other Swedish truck-making counterpart, Volvo, in North America, and since they’re now under VW ownership, Scania may one day return to North America. Possibly on a larger scale this time.


Their new trucks are incredibly nice, especially on the inside. Although I’m not too amused hat VW’s obsession with putting flat-bottomed steering wheels in everything has now transferred to their truck-making operation as well.

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