Here we meet a 6PK 1076 (six Vs, 1076mm) accessory drive belt. No, it shouldn’t have a gap in it.

The long running tale of my a/c clutch and bearing has reached its sad conclusion after many years when the load from the disintegrating bearing has finally been too much. Yesterday an alarming amount of smoke issued, today there was less smoke but when I took a look I found a belt hanging forlornly from a pulley. Oddly it waited until I stopped the engine to break.

Given the difficulties in obtaining bits for a car that went out of production 17 years ago I’m considering bypassing the a/c which presents its own little difficulty. A 938mm belt can be made to fit albeit it’ll be very tight, a 948mm won’t tension and they don’t do anything between 6PK938 and 6PK948. In an ideal world you’d get a 6PK941 or so.

I could of course drive without the belt but steering at anything less than about walking speed is very nearly impossible. Yes, it drives the steering too.