If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

A thing rarely seen...

... in Paris. It’s my first time here.


I have been here for a few days so far.

I was surprised that I spotted this old YJ... while not seeing a single Citroen 2cv yet. Note the front and rear lights. Also spotted a Jeep Renegade.


Haven’t seen any GM products either yet... not even Opels.

Lots of PSA and Renault products. A decent number of Ford, BMW, VAG and Mercedes products. Also I’m seeing what looks like an electric version of the the Smart Fortwo but branded as a “Pininfarina”... with styling somewhat different from the Smart.


Also, I’ve come across a Rover 75 wagon, but I haven’t seen any Fiat branded cars.

Also the only time Harley Davidson bikes are used is sometimes at night.

I haven’t actually seen any, but I know there is at least one around because I heard it. I’ve seen more Urals (one) than Harleys. Also seeing a decent number of Trikes... the kind with two wheels in the front.


Almost all bikes are Euro or Japanese bikes.... used to actually go places. This is unlike back home where half of the bikes seem to be straight piped Harleys used just to ride up and down the same stretch of road for showing off.

I’m really enjoying Paris.

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