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A thing rarely seen

The thing here. It’s a motorcycle, as the eagle eyed will note.

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I was stuck in traffic behind it and noticed that it was big, chromed, loud and had the kind of person who’d buy a Harley astride it. So, a Harley? Nope. Very wide and the noise wasn’t the chug, chug noise that people buy Harleys for. I managed to get beside it. Turned out to be a Boss Hoss. According to their site you can get them with engines of up to 6.3l, which coincidentally is exactly nine times the size of the engine in my car.

I followed Mr Hoss through and out of town, whereupon he used his 6.3 litres to vanish into the distance, didn’t here? No he didn’t. He was just in front of me for the next ten minutes, stuck behind several cars. We were all on a narrow, winding road which is where you’d expect a powerful bike to just blast past in seconds. Not this one. Remember, it’s very wide so it took up a lot of road. Also, it’s very wide so Mr Hoss somewhat gingerly went around bends with visibly little ground clearance even though he wasn’t trying hard. Instead he had to content himself with letting a gap build up and then winding all 6.2l up just a little. No gearchanging because a Hoss basically relies on a torque converter to act as a CVT so you hear something of an anonymous drone until the cars in front are reached and then relative silence again. Rinse and repeat.


All in all a gentleman considering buying such a machine would find it much cheaper to just put an ad in the paper announcing to all that his gentleman’s equipment is spectacularly undersized, but who am I to judge?

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