Last week a friend of mine, with a passing interest in cars, told me that she saw a “single seat Volkswagen” at an antique/retro consignment type store. I was naturally curious, and even a little hopeful that it wasn’t even a Volkswagen but some sort of obscure microcar. I was in the neighborhood last night so I swung by to check it out.


There is no drivetrain in the back, I doubt a regular type 1 running gear would fit back there. Which makes the fact that it has plates slightly perplexing. My guess is it was never meant to run but to just be a weird lawn ornament. It looks like the steering works, but who knows what else was hacked up/removed to make this possible.

After posting on social media, a friend and fellow Volvo guy informed me that this was at one time owned by a mutual acquintance of ours. Small world.

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