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A thing unexpected

Went to a show today and spotted this. It’s a Mk4 Cortina.

The Mk4 was sold with a variety of engines and trim levels, all of which were badged on the back so everyone knew exactly what you had. This was important, because the Cortina was the archetypal company car and the model you got specified your place in the corporate pecking order. Most cars were the 1.6 in L or GL spec depending, with a 2.0 for management grade. The very few got a 2.3 V6, never a popular thing. This is as we see a 1.3L, so the smallest engine and lowest spec. It had an OHV Kent engine with 55 or so bhp. Mightn’t sound a lot now, but my father drove a Mk3 with the same engine for years and towed trailers with it.

This particular one looks un - or little restored and apart from the wheels and exhaust looks unmolested. Let’s go round the front and admire the little engine.


Oh. That seems to be not as it should be, assuming that Ford didn’t normally slip in a Nissan unit which has been treated to a stiff dose of turbocharging.

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