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A thing unexpected by some

This is a Mk8 Fiesta. In fact it’s the one I was driving for a couple of weeks earlier this year.

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Image: Picture by me. Just by me.

It belongs to Mr Hertz and is poverty spec with an 1100cc, 75 bhp NA engine and five DIY gears. Also, steelies and plastic hubcaps.

However, not all Fiestas are like that. The previous model was sold with a six speed DCT as an option and which gathered an evil reputation for itself in automatic loving markets. This part of the world, not so much as nearly all Fiestas here are manual.


The Focus also had a DCT (in fact two different ones depending on the market) and developed the same reputation so the current Mk4 has an eight speed torque converter automatic as an expensive option on some models. You’d expect the Fiesta to go the same way, wouldn’t you?

Not a bit of it. Ford have replaced the six speed DCT by a seven speed DCT.

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