A thing we didn't know

What’s the best selling electric car in the world right now?

(Tesla fanboys and girls put their hands up)

“It’s Tesla. Elon! Elon! Elon!”

Nope, you’ve been drinking too deeply at the well of Elon Musk.

The best selling electric car in the world at the moment isn’t made by Tesla. Neither is it the Leaf.


Instead, feast your eyes on the BAIC EC-series in all its orangeness (other shades available).

Sophisticated it isn’t. The EC has a 20 kWh battery, a 41 bhp motor, a speed of just 100 kmh and a range of 180 km (NEDC cycle). It’s cheap though and is the market leader in China, whose EV market is supplied almost entirely by local makers. That market is so large that the humble EC is the best seller in the world as well.

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