A thought.

Is seeing a supercar even special any more? Way before C&C was a thing seeing a Supercar was an occassian, now it’s not really anymore.

Sure seeing 7 figure supercar or Hypercar is a special occassian, but Huracan, Avenator, 458, 488, GT3RS is meh. Limited production cars (Carrera GT, 05/06 Ford GT, F40, etc) for me are grouped with high dollar / hypercars.


When I saw plain Huracan street parked in winter, on dirty nasty roads that was an occassian. Seeing a 488gtb at the track was expected, but still special. It was been driven like it was meant to be.

I’ll admit I grew up in small no so rich farming town, so seeing any luxury car was special (Audi, Cadillac, BMW, etc). It was mostly trucks, domestic cars, & Japanese economy cars. Seeing a 911 parked on Main strip, the whole town know they where from the city (aka Toronto). Nobody who lived in town & surrounding areas had such cars.


Right now is great time to be car enthusiast, so many good cars are out. At the same time I think enthusiasts desensitized with all the cars. There are so many now that they are not special.

I would love ramble on more, but this VINwiki explains what I was going to go on about. Mostly the points on new and/or young money. 

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