I honestly think it’s a bit like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez... Very few people feel neutral about her, or the car.

I felt it today, when I approached an intersection next to a gorgeous, debadged, RS3 sedan... the one with 400hp! and I wanted to wave at the owner, just let him know that I know what’s up... but I was affraid he might think I was trying to insult him or something.... you can’t be nice to people in traffic here. So I just stared at his car for a considerable amount of time, and he caught my glimpse.

I don’t know if his dick fell of our something, but he got behind me, tailgated me for a moment, and then got in the other lane and NAILED THE FUCKING GAS. I love how the RS3 sounds and I honestly just cracked up, I started laughing as the guy had to cut off someone 50m away from me in order to make his exit. I really liked that he floored it, and then we went under a bridge and I was serenated with 5cyl goodness from the RS3.

I’m not certain the owner would’ve done that if I didn’t stare at his car. But he defintively tried to make out what car I had. My stinger doesn’t have the model or trim level badges, so maybe he thought it was a cleverly disguised 4cyl stinger or an optima.


Maybe it only happens here, but BMW drivers, Audi drivers, and anyone driving a sporty car gets either very happy or very angry when they see my car. I have no clue why.