A thought on the Uber crash

So that actual crash has been discussed plenty. For the record, my opinion is that it was clearly the pedestrian’s fault, but that either the car or the safety driver should have been able to prevent the crash if they were working as intended. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about this:

This is where the crash occurred, the woman was crossing from around where the turn arrows are over to the other side of the street. So the question I have is who the hell builds a giant X-shaped sidewalk in a median, and provides no safe means of crossing to/from it? It has signs where the X meets the road telling you to cross at the light, but no signs if you are crossing from the X (presumably because you are not supposed to be there). Here’s a view from the street (looking in towards where she was coming from):


It seems fundamentally very weird to build this thing that looks like it should be walked on and then tell people not to walk on it. It’s quite possible that if it weren’t there, the woman never would have tried to cross here in the first place.

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