A Tip for Travelers: Never Trust the Glassware

I was reminded of this today when I needed a drink of water but all of my paper cups had been used for coffee or tea. This isn’t normally an issue because I don’t normally use the paper cups for brewing, instead I use the little one-serving coffee maker to heat the water into a paper cup and pour it into my stainless steel insulated cup where I brew the tea. On the rare occasion I decide to make coffee in my room, I use the coffee maker as intended. However, I was without my stainless cup this week.

The one thing I never do is drink from the glassware. Why? It’s not to be trusted:


I first saw these years ago and was so disgusted that the message stuck with me. It’s part of the reason I travel with my own cup. When I realized I didn’t have my cup with me this week, I found a housekeeper and asked for a supply of extra paper cups. Problem solved.

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