The tires (“Solar 4XS”) on the RX7, while round and made of some sort of rubber, are awful. Outside of r-comps, nobody seems to make decent 13" rubber. The sidewall is floppier than half-set Jello and the grip is on par with wood.

I had been planning on picking up a set of Federal SS595 in 205/60R13 this spring, but infuriatingly at some point between a couple months ago and now they seem to have fallen off the face of the planet, and nobody has them. They have the 185/60R13, but that is too small (as in overall height, factory is 185/70R13). Vredenstein makes something, but it’s pricey for the size and would look way out of place on a car from 1985 (they look like they belong in 1965).

Am I screwed? This car is my summer daily so I’m not putting R888s on it or any of the other track tires that exist in 205/60R13. I cannot describe how much I like the factory “+” wheels, plus I don’t really want to drop a grand on 15" wheels and tires, though there are options there that look good, too.

Photo: Sgt_Fox on RX7Club

Any ideas? I’m to the point that I’m missing autocrosses I had intended to make it to due to the laughably bad tires on the car, and generally getting frustrated with their mushiness.