As part of looking up information on the Metro I’ve been digging through the dustier corners of the internet (Also known as the fabulous Internet Archive) and thought I’d share some of the things I’d found. I might do some more- I do love digging through this kind of stuff.

First up is the July ‘59 edition of Nation’s Business. As you’d expect from the title it’s definitely on the conservative side, but it’s interesting to see how Business was trying to copy what Unions were doing to influence the political process.

It’s too early for ‘again’

What were the big issues affecting the USA 59 years ago? Of course, it’s taxes (Might be his Father though)


and healthcare

Cool vans though :)


1958 was the first year for the Mite, ours is a 59.

In the 21st century people just slide in to DMs, no need to hint.


A Carfax Ad, but not the kind most are familiar with. The history of shipment tracking isn’t something I can find a great deal of information, but I think this might the the first live tracking system for freight. Of course any search for car fax is just drowned in noise.

I don’t think I can improve on this.


There’s also a lot of ads for office furniture, wood wall paneling and these snazzy vinyl floor tiles

Yeah. Can I have mine without the Asbestos in please?

Finishing up with a Facelift of the NYC Subway. I bet that paint is still there!


Link to it here: