Yesterday we lost James Gandolfini. A great actor that most of us remember from movies like True Romance, The Last Castle and Zero Dark Thirty. Foremost though it's the role of Tony Soprano that he'll be remembered for. Though Tony wasn't what you would call a car guy, he definitely liked them big. For the first three seasons, Tony drove and was driven in a 1999 Chevy Suburban featuring a brush bar up front. He could be seen conducting business within and without the truck. When the car was auctioned off James signed the inside of the vanity mirror asking the new owner to be nice to his car. In the fourth season Tony switched to a vehicle more befitting of his Mob boss status. An white Caddy Escalade ESV. More or less the same truck just more ostentatious but fitting for a North Jersey mafia don. Tony continued to use the Escalade until the series "end" in 2007. Considering James being a man of considerable stature, these were big vehicles were barely able to fit his greatness. Vaya con dios Tony. I know you're at the great Bada Bing in the sky.

An article was written in 2006 about his cars. Tony's Caddy featured at a 2010 auction in Las Vegas.


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