A Trip to the Volkswagen/ British Car Farm.

"You have random old cars growing in the woods over there? nice!" -PABUUU4

Well, maybe in New Hampshire. In Vermont, they grow them on farms.

In this story, I'll tell you about my trip to this farm. I have very few pictures (I was told I could take as many as I want, and could tell people about it, I just couldn't tell them where it was, besides in Vermont. He's not hoarding. He makes money selling parts. His huge barn is full of parts and he sells many everyday. He just doesn't want too many more customers, as he wouldn't be able to keep up. He is a Jalop.) I'm sorry if I jump around, I saw a ton of stuff.

We made a mistake when we came here. We had forgotten to call ahead. My friend already knew the man (I guess I'll call him Tim, that isn't his name but I gotta call him something) and figured he'd be home. My friend and I had driven his BMW over and of course Tim wasn't there. So we took Elisha's 635CSi and bombed down back roads for probably 45 minutes. We came back and sat. and sat. and sat. From where we were sitting, you could see a TVR Tuscan, an oddly shaped car under a cover (think Porsche 356 hardtop with big Beetle headlights), A military Forward Control Land Rover (he actually has two, because why would you just have one?), a later (more square) VW Bus, and the back of a '71 Super Beetle. From the road coming in, you can see multiple Range and Land Rovers, another '71 Beetle, that other Forward Control Land Rover, and maybe some original Type II VWs if you craned your neck.

Anyway, Elisha and I got sick of sitting. We pulled up his driveway, and just as we do, Tim pulls in in his old Dodge Diesel flatbed. We pull back into the driveway and told him we wanted to look at his 1973 VW Fastback (more accurately, I did. Before you ask, I haven't decided if I'll get it). He takes us over to another house he owns. In the driveway is the aforementioned Type III, a Volvo 122s (Amazon) wagon. There was a car cover on the porch, a garage, and two cars in the tall grass, one a TR6, the other an Austin A55 Cambridge. We looked over the Fastback, and then the tour starts. He takes the car cover off the car on the porch to reveal a SCCA race car.

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He then opens the garage to reveal a Type IV VW Squareback, which if you're a VW fan knows rusts out pretty easily. This ran and had a small spot of rust under the tail light. Next to that, aside from a stash of parts, were freshly painted body panels of what would turn out to be one of his three TVRs.

We go back to the first property and make a bee line for the barn. We walk in, past a white OG Type II, and our eyes began to adjust. I described it as walking into a dark room after coming from a well lit one. Your eyes begin to adjust and make sense of what shapes are. In front of the Type II are two or three old school Land Rovers. You look upstairs to your left and see a collection of Land Rover removable hardtops. Off to the right upstairs is an original from the factory Morgan wood frame, and off to the left on the level we were on were all the body parts for it. We went downstairs and outside, where we saw two more OG Type IIs, two more Amazons, a '71 Super Beetle Convertible, a Spitfire, and a ton of parts and engines, as always.

I looked up and through the door of the barn and see some motorcycles sitting there. I'm not a motorcycle guy but these looked weird enough to spike my interest. They were Rokons, and he had at least 6. For those uninitiated with Rokons, they make one- and two-wheel drive motorcycles. The two wheel drive ones, as you can imagine, are nuts. We walked back out of there, inspected some of his beetle engines (he knew exactly what ones needed what, whether they ran or not, and all that. All his parts in the barn he knew exactly what they went to right from memory. It was wild), and we started walking around the barn to the line of cars that were visible from the road. There was a car up on blocks, with a car cover over it. I asked what it was, and he started removing the car cover. I was met with this face looking at me.

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TVR racecar. Tube frame. He tells us to look at the suspension setup and tell us what it uses (the suspension wasn't in the car) and Elisha and I, after inserting our heads into the wheel well, discovered that it used Beetle torsion bars. He showed us his two '71 Super Beetle hardtops and told us we'd have to come back in the winter because they race them around the field by his house. Sounds like a blast to me. He showed me his old Series IIa Land Rover he uses to pull them out if they get stuck. The place was really cool, and I could spend all day there if I really tried.

In closing, have a fastback. This is the one I might buy.

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