A truck dilemma.

My papaw is selling his 2003 Toyota Tacoma. He just bought a 2014 Tacoma with 22,000 miles. It’s basically new. Have a terrible nighttime iPhone picture of it.

So, the 2003. It’s a 2WD extended cab. 188,000 miles. Runs fine. My papaw is the slowest driver on earth, so the truck hasn’t been abused. At all. Has a few lights on like the check engine light and the ABS/brake lights. There’s some clearcoat peeling/fading on the passenger fender and door. He’s having them all checked out and fixed, though.


I’m sort of considering selling the S10 and getting the Tacoma.

If the Tacoma was 4WD, I wouldn’t even question it. But having a 2WD truck does make me think.


Although, I’ve only used the S10’s 4WD twice in the two-and-a-half years I’ve had it.

The S10 has a few things wrong with it. Valve seals are old and leak, making it burn some oil. The A/C compressor sounds like a tiny airplane. So, it’s not long for this world. The A/C also has to be charged at least once a year. The ABS light is on, too. The brakes work fine but obviously there’s no ABS anymore. One of the tires has a slow leak, and they’re all dry rotted from age despite the fact that they have plenty of tread.


The Tacoma has more miles (188,000 vs. the S10’s 171,000) but it’s a Toyota. It just got new tires and a new muffler.



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