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A true cat story.

It predates Pumpkin. I had a cat named Charlie who was a bad ass who fought and defeated neighborhood cats over multiple homes in our rental days. The first house we owned was on a cul-de-sac, and he kept all cats out. Think was significant, because our other cat at the time, Trouble, had a big attitude that he could not back up.

By the time we moved to our present home, Charlie was getting old, and bit by bit, he could not defend the yard. We had a feral neighbor with feral cats at the time, and these cats wore him down, resulting in large vet bills.

We had a potting shed at the time that was not being used, so I converted it to a cat house. It had an indoor area, as well as a screened in yard with grass for them. I wish I had kept pictures.


I christened it “Meowschwitz,” but my horrified wife vetoed this name, and it became “Meowlcatraz.” They lived there for several years until I paroled them and tore the whole thing down. They lived free and peacefully for the rest of their days.

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