A true enthusiast discovered

So, earlier I posted about finding the Porsche below sitting on the side of the road.

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thought I knew who the owner was, as I had seen Porsches in his garage on the rare times the garage doors were open. I drive out and knock on the door. The door opens and I’m greeted by an elderly gentleman man in his 80's wearing a Charlotte Motor Speedway hat. I introduce myself and he invites me inside where I ask about the Porsche sitting down the road, inquiring if it belonged to him, and if it was available for sale. He informed me that it it wasn’t but that he had two sitting in the garage. We started talking about the Porsches and he asked whether or not I had ever sat in one. When I told him I hadn’t, he invited me out to his garage to look at his TWO vintage 911's! We got on famously, we stood in his garage for a good half hour taking about the cars, him sharing stories about trackdays and running from the highway patrol. I didn’t get pictures because I didn’t feel comfortable with asking in that situation.

I was smitten with both cars immediately; one, a 1984 911 Cabriolet white, with red leather interior, the other a 1976 911S in, what looked to me, like a metallic Gemini blue. I’m not sure he remembered the years correctly, in any case it was gorgeous and it also had a red leather interior. The cabriolet was his Sunday car and somewhat daily runabout, the 911S was his trackday/street racing car.


After talking for a while he invited me to sit in the S and helped me position the seat correctly according to what he had been taught at Porsche Driving school. I was (still am) elated, and I can’t get the childish grin off my face. The car fit like a glove, I can’t really explain it but it was perfect. It’s like the 911 was built for me. Oh, I’m rambling again. I’ll get on with it.

When the old man talked about the cars he had a twinkle in his eye, he loves them, whenever he talked about them them he had a grin on his face. Unfortunately he isn’t well and hasn’t driven them in some time, due to his declining health, He said he doesn’t have the reflexes and coordination to drive much anymore, he told me he does well to park between the lines at the store, so he doesn’t want to take his sports cars out, and hurt himself or someone else. It’s really sad to to see him longing to experience his cars again. He has invited me out again some time in the summer or fall as he will have some testing to determine if his sickness is terminal, if so he may be willing to sell. I hope he gets better, so he can drive his Porsches again, unfortunately that will probably ever happen. I hope if nothing else there are Porsche’s in heaven and an endless unrestricted autobahn for him to drive on.


Sorry for the lack of pics and the long rambling but I had to share this experience with you, it was truly special. Enjoy your cars while you can still drive, I know I will. Now to find the mystery owner of the abandoned Porsche.

TL;DR, met an old gentleman with two Porsches, and he let me sit in a 911 for the first time ever.

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