Some may have read my post about the replacement immobilizer system I need to install in the Vespa, and my friend who wanted to do the work. I took the good advice of Opponauts who suggested that I give him a deadline, an easy out for both of us.

I texted him yesterday and said I wanted to get it done quickly, and said I understood if he did not have time during the holidays. He came over last night.


As you can see from the photo, he took a crack at drilling the old lock. The lock still holds, but the Vespa has taken a beating. Those scuff marks were not there before. Three broken drill bits and a busted screwdriver, and I wonder how bad the damage really is.

I really like the guy, and we share a common love of old Japanese cars. But c’mon, man. I was nice when he left, but I was really pissed that he wasn’t willing to admit he couldn’t do it. Since I am the world’s worst mechanic, I certainly would not judge.

I’m not mad this morning, but it is time for my little wasp to go to the dealer.

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