As much as I’d like to say that most of what people criticize VW for isn’t true, I’m here to say that to me, it is true. I recently took my Passat to the dealership because two tires decided to go flat at once, plus the air conditioning is currently making the car shake violently at idle and at speed, plus strange clunking noises, plus a strange noise that kind of sounds like a motor of some sort, plus the fact that it won’t idle above 600 rpm regardless of what I do. To make matters worse, the brake discs have been replaced twice because they warp easily. I don’t do much highway driving, but they warp anyway. If you install new ones, they’ll probably be warped within one eight of a femtosecond after pulling out of the dealership. When I took it in, the people at the dealer had the audacity to say that nothing was wrong despite me showing them the problems myself. I’m aware that they aren’t normal. I’m going back on Monday to see if they’ll pay attention to me. Our last Passat, a 2014 Wolfsburg Edition, was returned to VW via Lemon Law. I think this one is on the verge of being returned too. As I was telling fellow Opponaut PetarVN last night, I’m done with VW. I don’t want another VW Group product ever again. Although I’ve always liked VW, I fell deeply in love with the brand when the Mk7 Golf came out in 2014. That’s why I told my parents to check out a VW to replace our 2012 Focus in 2014. The day we bought the first Passat, I got to sit in and start up the first Mk7 GTI that my dealership got. I fell in love instantly. I signed up for updates and returned to the dealership once every two weeks from that June until the Mk7 Golf TSI came out. The salesman gave me a brochure for the Golf and the GTI the day they received them. I wanted one so badly. This whole problem with VW left me disappointed and kind of hurt on the inside. I loved something so much only to be let down so badly. C’est la vie, I guess. I just want Minis and BMWs from here on out.

I wanted to like this one after the other one was returned because it had so many problems. I really did. I only fuel it with 93 octane gas. I take care of it. I wash it frequently. Even then, it managed to disappoint me a second time. I can’t see myself ever buying another VW product ever again. I wish Volkswagen the very best, but they lost another client.

A really nice A6 with the hood up. Bonus Passat to the right of the hood.