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Just checked the prices for second hand Kia K900s (Kia’s flagship introduced around a year ago) and couldn’t believe my eyes. You can get a completely overloaded, RWD, V8 fullsize luxury sedan with pretty much any option you can think of, including the VIP package that gives you electric reclining rear seats, thats practically brand new, for around 35.000$ now. Considering the cars MSRP of around 70.000$, this means the car lost around 50% of its value in just 12 months. This is completely insane.


Personally I couldn’t care less about the badge or the apparently old school landyard like ride. I would be the first one at a Kia dealership to make the deal of the century. Unfortunately Kia probably won’t sell it to us here in Yurop, so I can only dream...

Here’s a fully loaded 2015 with beautiful white leather, every single available option and 42k miles for around 32 grand:


For people that think the mileage is fairly high, heres one with 12k miles for 32.000$:


EDIT: Are the links working for others? Seems like Autotrader doesn’t like showing the ads.

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