Whats a girl to get her gear-head boyfriend on this mushy holiday we call Valentines Day? My old man Tim Harney, he's got a bit of a lead-foot like his lady so I thought yeah, a Valentine radar detector, how appropriate!


Tim is a member of Classic Car Club so were taking out the Porsche Cayenne GTS for our little getaway today; perfect timing. If Valentine's day wasn't enough pressure, I had to go ahead and ask Harney guy out last year on this very same day, so it's also our one year anniversary too. The only thing that really makes Tim happy (that I can afford) are tools, but this had to be something special, not to get all mushy on you, but Tim is a special guy.

Tim is currently restoring a BMW 2002 and has been looking for new "tools" that can assist him with the project. He has some awesome plans for the car, including dropping a Skyline GTR engine in; AWWWW SNAP! This BMW is really his baby, if he could work on her everyday he would.


So after spying on him drooling over HarborFreight.com, I noticed he was looking at an English Wheel Kit. Yup, I knew he had to have it. I folded the seats down in my 97 VW Golf, crawled inside and (luckily with the help of two nice folks) was able to push this enormous bad boy into my car.

This morning I asked Tim to grab some stuff out of my car; there was no way to wrap that thing so thats how I surprised him with the wheel kit. Needless to say he was pretty damn happy (which makes me pretty damn happy). Hopefully he won't read this post and I'll have a surprise (radar detector) waiting in the GTS when he comes to CCC to grab the car this evening.


Happy Valentines day my fellow gear heads. I hope you all get spoiled rotten!



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Headline photo credit: Jon Harper @jbh1126

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