I pass this place on my way to work when I take “the long way” and there’s quite a collection of cars here. At least two B5 Audis in various states of repair. I’ve seen old 5-series BMWs up on stands in their tiny driveway lots of times. And now there’s an old Jag, and that Harlequin Golf. I don’t know how many people live there, but based on the average reliability of this collection, I’m guessing it’s quite a bit less than the number of cars.

The black A4 above is parked in the spot where they work on these cars. Really ambitious, especially in the winter when that’s a snowbank, basically.


Here’s the Golf:

While they don’t have a garage or driveway, they do seem to have about 12 spaces that are un-metered, unlimited, public access. So much room for hoopties! 

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