With the winter months upon us, it is especially apparent in the morning that my car does not like being cold. The clutch, steering, and brakes feel like I'm driving a mac truck. Now of course this is to be expected due to fluid viscosity being affected by temperature. And more importantly, it warms up quickly to operating temperature and then all is well. I'm still used to my Civic that was just slow no matter the weather outside, so it's a nice change to see some character. By character I just mean that when treated right and warmed up well, my miata just comes to life and is then a ton of fun. I tend to forget that it is fun to drive while it is cold and then when downshifting around a corner a few minutes later, everything just clicks and I've stopped caring about my destination. Anyways, my point is a warmed up car feels like magic on a cold day. Not only because the heater has me feeling toasty but more importantly because my car is feeling happy!