A week in the SHO

Last Friday I made arrangements over the phone to drive an hour and 20 minutes from my current location with my Roommates F150 and trailer to buy a $400 1992 Taurus SHO sight unseen...

This is how this week went down. Before I start I’m going to tell you now, I do not regret this decision


I have admittedly come full circle, if someone were bold enough to go through my history here at oppo you would find a post of my first car, a 1994 Taurus GL with the Vulcan and the AXOD four-speed auto. If you have had experience with these cars you would find that despite the cheap interiors they are comfortable and not really lacking.

The SHO in terms of interior didn’t really change and I was pleasantly reminded of my GL days. 25 years ago my SHO was a well-equipped model. Automatic AC (Which still works) Automatic headlamps, fog lights, Faux-leather seats and my first beige interior in a Ford. The thing that really makes the difference was the Bench delete to make way for the five Speed controls and to me, it was imperative to find a 5-speed SHO.


The second gen Taurus also spawned the first Automatic Transmission SHO and those had the 3.0 bumped to 3.2 to offset the lag of the transmission and to paint a picture on how rare it was to find one of these. Within a two hundred mile radius, there were three. the black 5-speed I own now and two Automatics which were $750 and $3000 respectively.

As a Daily, it’s perfectly fine the 3.0 is lively and get’s up to speed quickly, it’s almost like it doesn’t have 252,000 miles on it. I haven’t recorded it’s 0-60 but it does it extremely well and it does beyond 60 even better it’s incredibly smooth at speed. Gas mileage isn’t bad either. My last tank I averaged 20MPG combined on mid-grade.


But despite how well it runs and how great it feels behind the wheel, I still bought a $400 car and all of that sho(ws). The seats have worn to the point where I’m keeping my eye out in the junkyards for some nice replacements, The trunk smells like rat and I can’t lock the doors from the outside or else I can’t get in. and I have the 34 and 51 Airbag codes, so... It failed Va safety inspection...

Other than that I don’t have a problem with it, it’s fun and no compromise. The perfect sports sedan. this is my #Shitsho

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