Had an amazing weekend, and I wanted to share with you guys. My apologies, this was all done on my potato.

Let's start off Friday night, out to the dirt track. This was my first time at a dirt race, and man was it something to behold. I'm almost convinced to spend a bit of cash and drop into the Cavalier class, as I'm told it is one of the cheapest forms of racing to get into.

After hearing the news about Kevin Ward getting hit by Tony Stewart, the weekend became a bit sobering. All I can say about all that is after experiencing a dirt race first hand now, I can see how easy it is for a driver out of his car in the corner to get hit. Mistakes all around that situation.

Saturday came by and it was time to clay bar my buddies whip. He had the unfortunate experience of getting paint over-spray on his car. Out came the clay bar and detailer, and we went to work. Unfortunately, I didn't get an after picture but it looked and felt like new, so here's an older pic!


Car's clean? Well shoot, time to take it for a cruise. Lucky for us, we happened across an interesting car show!

First was the Surrey, a 1950's remake of the early 20th century vehicle. Great shape!


Plum crazy? Plum Crazy!!!!

Kit car Countach? Why the hell not?


One of my favorite pics of the car show:

And that, folks, summed up Saturday. What a great warm-up to the real deal, off the Road America for the "Yellow Race". Bright and early, the parking lot was already its own amazing auto show. Stopped first to take a pic of this guy!


Hitting the pits now... Care for some cup cars?


A martini perhaps?

Or is DP you preference?


Then came the driving opportunities, wish I got in on that.

Mid-race, I hit the pits again just in time to see the Ferrari come in for some work after an incident. Those guys were moving nice and quick.


OMG!!!! Patrick Demspey!!!!! (my fiance's reaction when I sent her this one)


I'll just... take that off your hands now.

Ah yes, of course I've got video! Off to the pits you monsters!

Did I hear miatas buzzing by? Why yes, you crazy jalops, your favorite car was racing that day.

Ohhh, you wanted to hear everybody throwing down into turn one? Good idea, that's where we parked up at the fence under a tree for the beautiful day:

And that, my friends, was the end of an awesome automotive weekend. Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did, despite the Yellow Flags constantly.


P.S.- how do I upload into the native higher resolution video from my phone? It looks way better playing on my computer than the youtubes.

P.P.S.- I likely have more than one picture of the cars here, like the NSX. If you want another view let me know, I'll add in a comment.