So on Saturday I went to Stew’s Self Service Garage with a couple of folks from the West Coast Panthers Car Club. We did the coolant, fuel filter, and spark plugs.

Of course, somewhere along the way, the plenum was unbolted. I’m not sure why we had to unbolt it, but the best reason I can think of was to make it easier to access the fuel rails and ultimately the spark plugs. Either way, I’ve learned that there are tools available to make it unnecessary to remove anything except the ignition coils.

The result was that while the maintenance produced the desired results, the damaged gasket to the intake manifold caused some very, very rough idling below 1,000 RPM. The next morning, I managed to remove the plenum fully, and fished this out:


The other half had fallen into the intake manifold, which I managed to get out after a couple of tries with my fingers. After half a day of driving from Stew’s to my apartment, I’m amazed the engine didn’t actually ingest the pieces into the cylinders.

I went to Pep Boys at 9AM to get a replacement intake manifold gasket kit, and popped it in, and bolted everything back on. With the new spark plugs (which were gapped within a range of 0.0495 to 0.051), Killer Queen runs like a dream.

Today, I went for a little bit of neighborhood driving and spotted this gem:


It’s definitely a Plymouth...and with expired tags (6/17). I’m guessing the guy hasn’t bothered to get new tags because the State Legislature fucked up the rates for the tags to fund the latest Sound Transit expansion. Older cars get shafted especially hard.

That said, can anyone identify the model and year? It’s such a good-looking car, too.


Update: It’s a Plymouth Barracuda, 1960's vintage.

Update 2: Found the ‘cuda on Google Maps Street View. Note the date...this baby has been sitting here for that long, I’m amazed it hasn’t been moved (if at all). I’m wondering if it’s been abandoned, because there are a LOT of driveways on that road where it could be better sheltered.


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