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A weird day

My trip to Oxnard got canceled, so no mini Oppo meetup. Sadness. Waiting for word on the Sunchaser, and an unpleasant update on the cost of the Cressida work.

We had a big mediation for a big client today, and I handed it off to my top associate because heart attack, and because the kid needs a chance to get to the plate in the bigs. Client likes him and has confidence, but this has left me with a quiet day.


So I was cleaning out my office and stumbled across this:

An interesting find the day after the election. It was an amazing experience to work on starting democracy from scratch that forever destroyed many of my assumptions about the mechanisms of bureaucracy. 20 years ago. It was a powerful and emotional experience, including a short love affair with a young Serbian interpreter in the Voter Registration Center (VRC). This her on a break (from my photo album).


I found some notes from her as well, one warning me that the VRC supervisor (Valeria) was asking about us, and this one, which she gave me the day after the first time we spent an evening together, wandering around and making silly jokes in the bombed out rubble. But that part of it is another story for another time.


Recollecting, a lot of it feels like it happened to someone else, as young me seems like a stranger now. I had not thought of this experience for a long time. It is funny what you come across packing up to move your office. I have often wondered what it would be like to travel there today and see how it has changed. I wonder if I could find my apartment and the VRC.

Sorry, I am not ordinarily nostalgic, but I am having a strange day. If you want a good laugh, this is me in the 90s with a coworker in Bosnia.


Or even worse, at Wrigley field in 1997:


I cannot confirm or deny my BAC in this picture. I hope this amuses you.

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