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I don’t know if this is just a local thing where I live, or part of something bigger. But the last few months I have been noticing crappy cars with dealer plates. Dealer plates like they were purchased new meaning no license plate. Just the name of the dealership. Now I’m not ragging on these peoples cars or anything, but its just weird to me when you see:

  • A 98 Dodge Caravan with a plastic bag over one window, hanging front and back bumpers and primed silver and red paint with a dealer plate from Moss Bros GMC
  • A W210 E Class with what looked like bullet holes in the trunk, mismatched (albeit still Mercedes) wheels, a cracked windshield and leaning suspension with dealer plates.
  • A 2000 Buick Century with a crumpled hood and wobbly wheel covers with dealer plates.

Now this is just the 3 I seen in one day. I see cars like these every day around. Mind you too, none of these cars had temporary registrations in their windows so that was a key too that these we’rent purchased, outside of the condition of the cars. Could these people be doing this to avoid being tracked by the cops? Getting away with driving around with expired registration or what? Am I the only one that sees this in my area or have any of you seen this before?


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