A whale of a week

We ended up at the far reaches of West Marin a lot this week, we probably only saw a handful of people, but lots of whales, dolphins and seals. The tourists stay near the parking area but there are miles and miles of places you have to hike to. Sylvie loves the beach.

I just saw this Acura in a color I don’t usually see.

The now tinted TSX out in the wild, I just got my Covercraft custom fit sunshade, I always get them for my cars, they are made to order and are like folding board sections so they last forever and block heat. Perfect fit. The tint is good, working well. I found that some of the filler strips on the roof seam were loose or missing so I ordered a couple. They don’t actually keep water out, they just cover a sealed seam under the rails along the roof. Nobody will ever notice, I didn’t even see it until I owned the car for a few days. I love this car, it is such a cool shape, when you walk around it.

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