Some of you may have seen the posts I've been posting of pictures of the hot wheels and matchbox cars of my youth. These cars were basically put in a box in the attic when I outgrew them. At 14 I almost sold them at a garage sale my family was having (along with all my He-Man action figures and Castle Skeletor), but my mom stopped me. Thanks Mom! I love you!

I didn't retrieve them until my son was born in 2007. Since then I've bought a lot of hot wheels "for him" (no one buys that, but its still my story) and we've had fun playing with both the new ones and the old ones. Anyway, there are some from the old collection that aren't Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or Tomica that are just odd balls. Here is one I found made in France!

No other information, and it is a little bigger than a standard Hot Wheel. When you compress the car the hood and doors pop open. Neat. Then I noticed something on the door:

It's a Peugeot!



Shown with my Hot Wheels Peugeot 405 (1990) for scale.

Thanks to everyone who has been rec-ing and commenting on (and even just looking at) my posts. Opponauts are awesome! I have a cool one for tomorrow, here's a sneak preview: