A while back I blue myself

It is a very blue and truly excellent thing. A month later and I still giggle when it pops and crackles. Since it needed to be broken in and then the weather turned I haven’t really abused it, nor do I actually intend to. I can tell you that it is fast, pointy, relatively comfortable and completely awesome.

It’s very blue

You may recall a while back that I had a bit of a freak out when the local Ford dealer parked one of these out front. See here and here. Well after about a week of trying to decide if I was willing to trade in my STi, I called them up and asked for a test drive. They said sure, swing by. I told them up front that I wasn’t sure I was willing to give up the STi.

Mud flaps are a must around here in the winter

After about a ten mile test drive up some nearby twisty hills I was grinning like an idiot. The RS is a truly special car. Cruising around town it is much easier to drive than a 10 year old STi. It rides better and is way less twitchy. Once you get it into some twisty roads it is even better. It’s much pointier and willing to change directions than the STi. The best part of the test drive was cruising through town back to the dealer. A guy walking down the road did a full on stop and 180 to watch me as I went past him.

Mouthguard, catfish, call it what you will, I think it looks good

It took a couple weeks, but they went from me walking away when they were asking over sticker to giving me a good price on the car and making it worth my while to trade in the STi. As always I could have done a little better selling the STi directly, but that probably would have taken a while in this area. In the end the lack of hassle and time made it worth my while to trade in instead of selling my old car.

Turns out shadows make for crappy pictures

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