Moving Schaefft’s Olds to its new home, and I would not say it’s gone smoothly so far. A ramp jumped off and smashed a trailer brake light, leaving the rear left wheel of the Olds hanging in free space, and the jockey wheel collapsed through its clamp leading to a bit of a see-saw trailer moment. The drive to Wylam was smooth and easy until it came to getting the Olds back off the trailer.

During the journey the handbrake seized, so we pushed the V8 lump over the trailer end only for it to bottom out because of the spacesaver spare. With a bit of help we shoved it over the trailer apex, and then used a Bobcat to drag the thing into the storage barn until it could go no further, only to shunt the Aurora in the rest of the way using the Defender and a tyre to buffer it. No doubt Schaefft will post a far more expansive and informative post, so you can wait for that. So, I’m left having to buy a bloody expensive new jockey wheel, and super glue the plastic lamp cover back together, but no matter! It’s in the pursuit of progress to bring a one-of-one car in the UK back to life.