A Wild Twingo Appears!

Europpomeet here I come. In the background one can see a Smart ForFour, which is also a Twingo. (Actual news after the jump)

As a matter of fact the Twingo isn’t mine. And neither is the Smart.

Actually I bought my dads old Espace, which is also a Renault and kind of looks like a big Twingo.


The important bits: Its an 08 Phase II, 2.0L Diesel, 150hp when new, it’s been in the family since 09. ONLY 330.000km (206.000 miles). Stickerbombed by the previous owner. Has Satnav, Bluetooth and a bangin’ stereo that says BASS on it. Full service history. Rear brakes are shot, will replace those on Saturday. (E)space for days and comfortable. Averages 30-35mpg, which means it’ll do 1100km between refills.

How much did I pay for it?


It’s no Multipla, but its a european Minivan. If you squint it looks slightly like an Avantime. Aged quite well considering the JK came out in 2002.

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