Happy Holidays everyone!!! So, Miss Tesla’s friend decided to throw out his custom built gaming computer. It just stopped working one day and he supposed that the motherboard, Power Unit, processor, and GPU all failed in a power surge.

Being the scavengers we are, we decided to take the computer, I mean worst case scenario, we’d get a cool case out of it!!!

Turns out only the GPU was dead, so we bought a 1050 TI and roared the beast to life. We basically got a $1k+ gaming computer for the price of a new GTX. :D

As of current, I can play Car Mechanic Simulator, Train Simulator 2016, and even a game like GRID all on maxed out 1080P graphics.

And, since I’ve been on an aviation binge since getting to SLC, I’m going to see if it can run my copy of FSX on max too.


Help me, I’m losing my mind, look at my phone’s current wallpaper:


I kinda thought the gaming computer would only be for her enjoyment... But now I’m finding out that it’ll also play every game I wish I could play!

Halp, I’m having an overload, I’ve been looking at DC-10s and L-1011s!

Here’s a random Ferrari dealership I found in SLC for your time.


Oh, and our “loaner” Sienna until we leave. :)