Built this cool “metal earth” model Tiger I. My poor hands.

The model starts as these entirely flat sheets. the only thing that wasn’t flat when I got it was the tank barrel. Similar to papercraft, this is assembled entirely using these little tabs and a pair of needlenose pliers.

Where the trouble really came was with the tiger’s interlaced road wheels.


According to wikipedia the tiger had a then-revolutionary torsion bar suspension that resulted in serious maintenance concerns and often necessitating removing nearly every wheel on the tank.

This serioiusly sucked to put togeter. underneath every wheel including the outer ones is a little meticulously rolled riser. Tab alignment was a killer.


Overall, for 10$, this was cool and well made. If the metal or the tolerances were even slightly shittier this would have been hell to build. as it was, it was just frustrating but doable.