So I’m rather at the point in my life where I no longer want to DD either a sports car, nor a truck. While still enjoying these vehicles, I would prefer a larger car with copious amenities and good power.

I came to this epiphany mid September, and became moderately fixated on the W216 CL class. Now I would love to find a CL63 or 65 but I would be quite content with a clean 550.

Fast forward to a few weeks back and I am having a conversation with my friend from Russia who is a big BMW fan. We start talking about the F10 M5, then how the E60 M5 was so much more appealing, especially when equipped with 3 pedals.


This prompted me to check out M5 prices again, where I found I missed the opportunity to buy an 08 with 62k mi and three pedals in the exact blue pictured above, by several hours.

Jump ahead to today, I come across a D3 S8 with 64k mi. The ‘make bad decisions’ voice in the back of my head screams “LAMBORGHINI V10”.


So here are my pro / con lists for each


Coupe, sportier, plus in my book

probably the most expensive to maintain of the three

The most comfortable of the 3

Message seats


Available with proper transmission (HUGE PLUS)

Best looking of the three (IMO)

Best sounding of the 3

Least mechanically reliable


Most mechanically reliable

Least electronically reliable (and the electrical gremlins are the worst)

Blandest styling of the three

Lamborghini sourced V10

All of these can be had for roughly the same $ with roughly 60k on the clock.

So, WWYR and why. Also if you have a better suggestion leave it.