I bought my first brand new car and first “sporty” car.

About 3 1/2 months ago, I traded said car after getting an amazing deal on a color I lusted after for 2-3 months after first seeing and frankly, a much better built example. I’ve done just under 16.5k with both cars total, mostly commutes to work but also many back road jaunts, road trips, and shenanigans. Overall, 12/10 would purchase again in the future if they ever came back.

The first one, my 2017 Kona Blue, with the only option being the wheels. Not everyone is a fan of the ST1, but I’ve always driven basic cars and bluetooth, rear view camera, and a few other small standard equipment items were all I needed (honestly, I don’t need the rear view camera but I had no choice, 15+ all came with them)


The second, my 2018 Hot Pepper Red. Again, this time the only option being the color. The only Kona I could find within 200 miles at the time had premium wheels and I got into them over time. In Hindsight, the snowflakes like I originally wanted would’ve looked much better.

These are great cars.

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