Hey folks, long time no speak! Been loitering around here less and less since work barred kinja websites so I can’t peruse at lunch, but thought I’d keep in touch with what’s been happening.Onto the rest of the fleet!

New car!

Lookit! Bought a new car!


Fuck yeah it’s an Alfa 75 with awesome wheels.

PO had run it as the 3.0l 12v with a twin-turbo setup with about 300bhp, but that engine’s now been sold. There’s a 3.0l 24v from a 166 that’s partway through a strip-down and rebuild with various bits for the RWD conversion. Still a decent amount to do, but a load of the bits and pieces have been crossed off the list already :) definitely on the list to get sorted in 2020.

The new addition has prompted a bit of a rationalisation of the fleet though.


To make some space and provide some funds, the E30 and bits for the M52 swap have had to go. Got about as much as I’d put into it which is nice :) dead cool cars, but the 75 is much more my kind of car.


Also on the chopping block are the two Spitfire shells I’ve got. Yellow one will be stripped as it’s a bit beyond repair, but the dark blue one might get built up with parts left over from the Spit6 and sold as a project.



The MGF has been my only reliable car for the past 6 months or so! Who’d have thought it ;)


Only a couple of bits and pieces doing to it. The main one is when you put stiffer shocks on (like I have) you need to brace the shock towers or this happens:


Not great, but still easily fixable. There’s kits you strengthen them, but they look like they’d only really work on intact ones rather than ones that have already gone a bit. Welded up the crack and made some neat lightweighted braces )


Sorted :)


Not a great deal has changed on the Jag since I set light to the boot. Yeah, I did that. It wasn’t smart. Was draining water from the fuel tank and there was more fuel in it than I thought, drilled a drain hole with an electric drill which sparked when it stopped. Whoof. No eyebrows. Melted loom in the rear. Funtimes.


But I have plans!

Bought a rear section of loom to repair the burnt bits, and a new fuel tank that hasn’t had the galv burnt off it. Also bought this:


That is a very ropey E46 330d...but it’s been remapped! Plan is, given that the Jag’s engine has blown its headgasket and spun a bearing (no fault of its own, ran low on coolant and overheated), I’ll swap in the 330d engine and have a car that’s more powerful and more economical. Not a massive amount of work needed to get them up to 300bhp/500lb-ft either. Not quite an OM606, but will do nicely :) hopefully that’s this summer’s job :)



Poor Citroen :( after the Wales oppomeet I drove it daily for a few thousand miles, clattering away. Unfortunately, at some point I put the clutch in and the cable snapped, mashing the release bearing as well. Since then it’s done sterling duty as parts storage, but it’s only a clutch job away from being serviceable again :) it’s on the list this year, we’ll see if it makes it!

That’s it car-wise for this year. Will see how much I can get done by 2021 ;)

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