A year of trying - 65 pounds

On this day last year, I decided I needed to lose some weight. My goal was 30 pounds, and in a hurry, because long term diets have never worked for me previously. Now that I’m in my 40s, I thought it’s ridiculous I can manage a little more self control. The 30 has turned into 65, down to a nice (less) round 200.

I went with keto, because a friend has had strong success with it for a couple years. I traversed multiple ‘phases’ of it; struggling to control urges, measuring every ingredient, eventually locking into an easy flow, and now no longer keto, just a general low carb, high exercise diet.

I also got serious about running, going from a very plodding few miles a week to a solid 15 a week at a consistent 9 minute/mile pace.


When the first 30 came quick, I upped my goal to 80 by the end if 2019. With 15 pounds and ~6 months left, I think I’ve got a solid chance, but there are a few roadblocks coming up, so it’ll be no cake, er make that avocado walk.

I know there are a few others here on keto, and it definitely produces results, long term health impacts aside. If you’re a chronic fatass looking to turn it around I’d recommend it.

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