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A year on two wheels

I just realized I’ve owned this for over a year. I mean, there was a gap there where some dickass co-opted it for a few months but... I still have the title and I have the bike back so #stillcounts. This is the second longest I have owned a vehicle, the longest being the NB at about 2 years.

CX500 plans:

New wiring harness

Fix leaky water pump mechanical seal

Disassemble carbs and replace bowl gaskets

Rejet to 80/120

Ditch airbox for pod filters

Add some sort of gauge cluster. Or at the very least a speedometer and water temp gauge.


Turn signals

New tires

Full custom-welded exhaust

Fiberglass tail section

Longer rear shock

Grease driveshaft bushings and replace rear-drive oil

Possible electric fan conversion

Custom seat

Paint engine, frame, tank, etc

upgrade front brake pads, replace rear shoes

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