We at BlythBros. really appreciate the support from oppositelock in our first year as a blog. Right now we are in major garage and line-up shuffle mode, with some more features coming your way this spring. We will continue to bring stories of our experiences with our somewhat unique cars, hopefully inspiring a few of you to pick up your own $5k fun car to drive and wrench on yourself.

One of the best parts of the experience is responding to your comments, so please keep them coming!

What's coming this spring? A freshly rebuilt Alfa Milano, an Audi 200TQ Avant big turbo build, a Fiesta ST trip, and hopefully a Volvo 142 purchase ;)

Begin shameless promotion (or did it really begin above?)

Below is a compilation of some of our favorite posts from the year. To read more, check us out at blythbros.com or for more frequent updates, http://facebook.com/blythbros or http://instagram.com/blythbros/


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