I got my VW back from the dealer for a couple of little things and then cleaned it nicely and promptly listed it for sale. I’m jonesing to save the money or go 335d shopping.

So what did it decide to do today? Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and misfires on at least one cylinder. Because of course it did.

Leads me to my question, I can’t recall AAA’s rules; will they tow from a house to a dealer? I know what you’re thinking “call AAA and ask” but my wife is the member and she is out of town.


The dealer is 5 miles away and I dunno if I wanna limo it al the way there. Especially since I don’t trust them 100%.

Picture my daughter took at a car show for your time(almost all her pictures are cutoff weird or have her finger in front of the lens but she loves taking them so I let her do it)

Illustration for article titled AAA question... because my VW broke the day after I listed it

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