So my exhaust manifolds have gotten the better of me.

No matter what obscure chemical I pour on them, they require the heat of a thousand suns to get them off (bolts are rounding even with properly sized six point socket, and I lack both easy access to oxi acetylene equipment and the desire to play with anything that powerful.)

The bolts also appear to be 17/32 in size ( had to order a socket off the internet) because GM is a huge piece of shit company and has been for years.

On the plus side- I got most everything else working just enough to pass inspection- floorpans patched and my shiny new emergency brake cable:


Got the blower motor replaced- It won’t work on the highest setting due to some wiring fault between the relay and the alternator. Very easy to do except for the damn extruded nuts holding the body together snapping like crazy, forcing me to grind them off. The wheel well was also surprisingly easy to get out.



Wiper motor is fixed, although it is old and needs the car running to get enough juice. Probably needs replaced at some point, but not now because that junk is expensive.

All that is left to do:

new tires ( thinking cooper cobras)

minor cleaning up/reassembly

finish painting headers

get manifolds swapped out by a shop

install exhaust

wire electric choke

- No way in hell am I going to make the vintage grand prix this year with this stupid manifold problem. Maybe I will be one of those guys and enter the mini this year.


That is, if it doesn’t blow a valve cover gasket (it did)