Behold, PatBateman’s work-from-home station!
Behold, PatBateman’s work-from-home station!

It’s official: for the foreseeable future, my company has banned all employees who can work remotely from coming into the office. I am not happy.

Some people might really like working from home. They enjoy the freedom of going wherever they want, whenever they want, and still being connected. Not me. Nope. I have three children who are now home from school for who knows how long, cooped up in the house getting cabin fever, and a stock market that’s being currently slaughtered (my clients are okay). That means I’m going to be talking with Mrs. Millionaire on the phone explaining her asset allocation/financial outlook to her while my kids will be arguing about which Netflix show to watch next in the background. And yes, they most certainly will be arguing.


We had an office in the house; we chose to turn it into a TV room. I believe that was a horrible decision now.

But hooray I can sit in my dining room while wearing flip flops and work at the same time.

Stupid ‘Rona.

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