Dangit! I tried to do the right thing and got burned for it. My daughter and I were on our way to a school function. At the four-way stop near our house, someone lost a 2x4 with a couple of metal hinge plates on it. Everyone was trying to maneuver around it instead of just picking it up. So, when it was my turn to go through the intersection, I opened my door and grabbed the board. I then rolled through to the other side with my door open, dragging a piece of wood. I stopped once I was clear of the intersection with the intent of getting out and tossing it into the ditch. Instead, my daughter opened her door and said, “let me help, dad.” Ok! So, I passed the board through the car. Instead of gently placing it on the ground, she decided to toss it out the door. It didn’t make it. Instead, it hit the door handle, then fell to the ground, using one of the hinge plates to take a chunk out of my newly replaced side skirt. All she could do was laugh and say, “Sorry, Daddy!” I was not amused.