Yes, as EL_ULY gets his Avant back from a doctor’s visit, my A8 is headed to the shop today, for a stay of at least 24 hours. The list of problems, all of which started within the last month, include:

-*A check engine light, for the first time since I’ve owned the car.

-A noise from the right rear wheel, which sounds like rocks in a tumble dryer.

-*The horn, which is a two note, only one of which is working

-*The sunroof, which took me 20 minutes to get to close one night. Has worked fine since.


-The brakes, which have gone back to screeching like a freight train and producing copious amounts of brake dust.

-The right front tire, which has bubbled yet again at the hands of a pothole.

-*The speakers on the left side of the car, which cut out almost completely for one day, then came back.


-The oil, which is coming out of the engine and onto the garage floor.

-Some plastic vent cover from under the hood which I pulled off and now can’t figure out where it goes.


*Indicates intermittent issue or issue that only happened once. I’m still in love with my car, but I’ll love it even better once this laundry list is taken care of.